Commission saving or actual loss.

Selling with an online agent or even privately could lose you money rather than save.  Having successfully sold a property for £10,000 more than an online agents best offer, which more than covered the commission giving the seller a net gain. The wealth of knowledge and experienced when it comes to negotiating and getting the best possible price is essential.  Most High Street agents not only have this they also have a data base of applicants, qualified financially and ready to buy.  There is more to selling than just listing on line and hoping to be found by a keen motivated buyer.  There is always a chance a buyer may find your property but equally there is always a chance that a savvy buyer may negotiate hard to secure the best price for themselves knowing full well the seller is not paying High Street agents commission.  We have been negotiating successful sales for decades.  

During a conveyance of a property there are often many additional accompanied visits required that local agents are always close and on hand to be able to accommodate.  A solicitor recently questioned the removal of a chimney stack on a vacant property. A quick visit and photograph supplied to the solicitor confirmed the stack was still in place.  We do not believe that level of service and efficiency can be matched by simply listing your property on line and hoping for the best.  Our recommendation is use an expert, not only to ensure the best price but to help avoid the disappointment of unnecessary sales fall throughs.  Commission = Incentive = Success